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Press Release: Music & Leadership Book Release

Press Release: Music & Leadership Book Release

Press Release: Prague, Czech Republic, January 9, 2018


Music & Leadership – Book Release


Music & Leadership is proud to announce its release of the first book titled ‘Music & Leadership - Empowering Global Leadership For The New Millennia’ authored by Bibi Pelić. The book presents a groundbreaking perspective in redefining leadership of the 21st century. 

An official book launch celebration will take place on Tuesday, January 23rd 2018 from 19:00 at the Czech Museum of Music (Karmelitská 388/2, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic). The celebration will commence with a concert given by the author Bibi Pelić on the violin accompanied by her sister Ivana on the piano. Guests can enjoy further a reading from the book and purchase the book signed by the author. The evening will conclude with a get-together during which the audience will have the chance to personally meet the author. 


About the Book 


The classical music conductor is considered by many to be the perfect representation of the successful, empowering leader. Leading a classical music orchestra demands exceptional leadership qualities and styles. 21st century thought leaders point out to the importance of interdisciplinary learning as key to leading businesses and other professional fields forward. Knowledge and experiences from leaders of other disciplines open new visions as to the art of leadership.

Music & Leadership is a novel leadership concept, answering the current business world call for new concepts and frameworks within which to understand leadership of today and tomorrow. Exploring and discovering leadership through the lens of the classical music conductor and orchestra, the objective of this book is to trigger your ability to think creatively and critically appraise your own leadership style and behavioral patterns and how you can implement lessons learned from this book in your working environment. By looking into the work of the music conductor and orchestra, the executive is offered a new way of thinking about business and leadership.


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About the Author


Bibi Pelić, Dr. (Hons.)

Bibi is the Founder and CEO of Music & Leadership. Trained as a classical violinist, Bibi founded Music & Leadership as an educational programme designed to provide current and future business leaders with a new platform for discussion on key business issues.

Violinist, entrepreneur, music producer, globetrotter since early childhood, Bibi played her first music notes on the violin in Vienna at the age of six. She continued her studies at the Prague Academy of Arts graduating with the highest honours and in Berlin mastering a postgraduate study. She has recorded and published six music CDs, ranging from violin concertos, sonatas, virtuoso pieces as well as music from different styles and genres: jazz, latino, folk. 

Bibi is also founder of a successful startup Let’s Play Concertos, a music education project, developing music for online playing and practicing. Attending international schools, Bibi is fluent in English, German, Czech and Croatian. She is a recipient of the European Union of Arts Gustav Mahler Award for outstanding achievement.

In 2016, Bibi was awarded the degree of Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts


About Music and Leadership


Music & Leadership is an educational programme designed to provide business leaders with a new platform for discussion on key business issues. Using music as a metaphor Music & Leadership offers unique insight into how leadership, organizational structures and processes run in the music world and understanding how to strategically and constructively implement the same in the business world.

Music & Leadership shares the belief that education and professional development are the most critical factors in helping individuals change their lives for the better. Managers and business leaders are led to understand the importance of interdisciplinary values, an idea first pointed out by Leonard Bernstein, famous conductor and composer, quoting ‘that the best way to 'know' a thing is in the context of another discipline’.

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January, 2018
Music & Leadership


'My team and I recently had the great pleasure of taking Bibi's Music and Leadership workshop and highly recommend it. Bibi adjusts her workshop to any kind of team and prepares well while tailoring her presentation and practical exercise to specific needs of the team. The theoretic part was very interesting and prepared the participants well for the practical sessions, which tested and compared the skills of the various leaders. Her style of teaching is very open, interactive and fun. My team has demanded already a second session by her.'


'For those companies or particulars that are looking for a leadership training, I recommend Bibi Pelic services. I attended to one of her leadership and music workshop and it was a great learning experience. Bibi is very professional, enthusiastic and has got deep knowledge about leadership. Some of the knowledge I picked during the training, I can apply it to my work.'


'Bibi has accomplished to bring you insight into management, organization and corporate social interaction thru the lense of music and orquestra direction. Her ideas are presented in accesible, familiar terms everyone can relate to yet provide a new perspective in leadership and management drawing inspiring parallelisms between the two worlds.'